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Based on 4284 reviews
Great product for me

Great product for me, been using several months. They seem to give me added energy and I just feel great.

Nice product and support!

I can not swallow these pills so I contacted support. They said you can absolutely squeeze the oil into a shake or smoothie!! Even said that it may be more effective! Just added it to my morning protein shake and it’s not bad at all!!!

Working Great So Far

Results are as expected. The price was better than other supplements I’ve used. Works well to manage cravings and support lean muscle mass.

No tiene sabor. Y trabaja bien.

Me está funcionando para bajar de peso.

An easy and mess-free way to take turmeric

These capsules are a good value for a very easy way to take turmeric. Turmeric power can be a little unwieldy and easily stains anything it touches. They are easy to swallow after you let them soak in your mouth with a little water for a few moments.

Good Value

Like having D3 and K2 in one pill.

Not really helping my weight loss.

No bad to take but can't really say it did anything for my weight. I drink almost a gallon of water a day and walk for 1 hour or 2 miles whatever comes first. I gave up all processed foods and only get sugar from raw fruit. I take 3 of these before my breakfast which is a bowl of oatmeal with some berries or at night with a green salad and hard boiled egg. So far I lost 1 pound in 3 weeks and it fluctuates from up 8 oz. To down 8 oz. I dont mind taking it but cant see any benefit. I am really sorry as I thought this would help me lose some weight for my son's wedding in July. I am 71 years old and weigh 178 and want to get to 140. I started early March so I felt I had plenty of time to lose.

Isn't burpless and it doesn't taste or smell like lemons

This product has a good amount of Omega 3's but the burping aftertaste is awful!

Isn't burpless and it doesn't taste or smell like lemons

This product has a good amount of Omega 3's but the burping aftertaste is awful!

Good item while detoxing the body

Good item while detoxing the body

Awesome quality

Great buy

It seems to be a quality supplement

They are huuuuge gel pills. I just wanted those people who struggle to swallow pills to know this. To be honest I have not noticed any improvement in my health. I am taking them to help my metabolism and thyroid function more efficiently (along with other vitamins I take). Having said that, I do not think I’ve given it enough time to notice its effects and will update in 6 months time with my findings.These were one of the cheaper cla supplements out there as well as larger quantity option (which I like). They have zero smell which means they are fresh. I’ve purchased other brands that smelled rancid.

The Best fish oil

I have tried a few different fish oil but this one is the best

Less cravings

CLA is always part of my diet and exercise cycle plan

Good for your ❤

Cardio health in a capsule.

A work in progress

Just started with these. So far, so good.

Relief Relief!!

Helps with my joint pains.

worked great for my IBS


Swallows easy

Good to swallow


I can see my abs for the 1st time in years! I work out 4 times a week but wasn't enough because I don't eat that well. This helps. Haven't lost weight but I can see a difference that I have slimmed a little


Love it


I've tried other probiotics and this one is great. Give it a week, two max, and it will help you feel much better.

Nervous/anxious feeling but will update on my results

I’ve been taking these for about a week. I am on the smaller side and only looking to lose an additional 10lbs. This product makes me feel nervous and anxious in my chest for some reason . A feeling like I’m about to perform in front of thousands of ppl lol . I keep trying to ignore the feeling . I can still sleep at night but a few times I’ve needed calm tablets . I was on an all natural supplement even with natural caffeine that I lost a whopping 30lbs from but currently out of stock . That gave me zero side effects and took it for 2 years . Curbed my appetite immensely but This doesn’t seem to help as much so far in a week of use but trying to let it really build in my system before I stop taking and give up . I will for sure update . This is a 100 percent honest review. I didn’t see people complain of this so wanted to make it known. Maybe it’s because Im already small and it’s just too much for me . Please know what doesn’t work for you may work for someone else and the other way around so don’t let this steer you the other way to not try it . Our bodies are all different and supplements work differently for everyone . Good luck

Pure product great quality

I found the product I want, just one thing Resveratrol,

I did not receive any gummie Bears with my last two orders of Purity Labs CLA 4,500MG Safflower Oil

Am I missing something. The Package shown with the CLA did not come with the order.