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Based on 4281 reviews
Best CLA

This is excellent CLA. It has max potency. It does what it says. It is a good value.

Quality supplement

I won't buy any other brand of CLA. Outstanding quality, price and customer service. Highly recommend!

Feeling so much better

I was already taking a probiotic but was still struggling with some tummy issues and battling extreme fatigue but since I started taking this probiotic I feel infinitely better than before. My energy levels have improved as well as my tummy troubles. I’ve already recommended this probiotic to 3 people and will continue to do so. Thank you for making such a great product and for the free bottle you sent after my first purchase. I’ve now got this added to my subscribe and save so I’ll never run out.

Purity Lab Turmeric fights inflammation

Inflammation is at the source of many, many health issues. Turmeric with added black pepper is an all natural anti-inflammatory that I've been using for several years, suggested by my Functional MD to help the pain and swelling I experience due to rheumatoid arthritis. I take it everyday!!

Great product!!

Great Supplement. Great company that you can trust.

This company is wonderful and offers so many great deals that I know I can trust in count on. I got CLA and I notice so good for me and such high quality. What a great trustworthy and reliable company that I will definitely order from again.

Great product

I have been taking this brand of Trans Resveratrol for years, and find it to be the best quality brand.

Helps w/Osteoarthritis

I have found that Certified Organic Turmeric Curcumin has helped my osteoarthritis in both of my knees.


Excellent product.

I have tried other brands

I have tried other brands that not only claimed to be organic but of great quality, I can tell you they were not and I found this wonderful product that does me a world of good. It helps with pain and inflammation quite well, better than any big pharm meds I used for 25+ years.

Organic Trans-Resveratrol 1,500MG Enhanced with Quercetin

Excellent product

All purity lab’s products have been excellent

Organic Astaxanthin

Been taking two caps a day to detox

Just what was needed

Purity Labs; Have found that CLA has been extremely helpful with the "Slow Weight Loss" journey. C A Glasener

Ok so far

Lost Maybe close to a pound or so

check back in 6 months after I have my cholesterol checked


Love the higher dose is one pill. No negative side effects. Easy to swallow.

Excellent product

Excellent resveratrol purity labs

Helps my joint pain.

I used to take glucosamine and chondroitin, but this is much better. Thank you for the complimentary bottle!

Great product

I've searched for the highest dose turmeric which doesn't require me to swallow multiple pills. This is it! Being certified organic is also a great factor!

Helps my heart

My tachycardia has reduced thanks to Purity Labs resveratrol.

great product

Your Trans-Resveratrol with quercetin helps alleviate my wife's histamine intolerance. Thank you.

Results you can see and measure!

My skin looks better, more youthful, fine lines diminished, and softer, and my blood pressure is 100 over 70, was 130 over 81. I take 6 almost every day, I forget sometimes. These are definitely a supplement I can’t stand to be without!! Also a beauty supplement too! Only took a few weeks for me to literally see a difference!!

Love these Probiotics & Prebiotics for Women & Men!

I love these Probiotic & Prebiotics by Purity Labs! My stomach was feeling
A bit off, so I took one. It soothed my stomach! Wow! They really work! What
Made me switch to these, is, I became aware Prebiotics are just as important
As Probiotics. We need both. These have both! Win! Win!

Wonderful Product!

I've been taking this product for a few weeks now. I'd read about the benefits of Omega 3s, and Purity Labs has an excellent reputation with very positive reviews, so I thought I'd give it a go. I'm usually nervous about pill size, but these slide down without even noticing. I've tasted no fishy tastes. I already feel more alert during the day, and can focus on complicated tasks. I look forward to seeing how my blood work improves after taking these for a while. Thank you Purity Labs!