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Top 5 Things to Avoid When Taking Resveratrol

Top 5 Things to Avoid When Taking Resveratrol

Hello, Adam here, founder of Purity Labs. On behalf of myself and my family, we like to personally and sincerely thank you for putting your trust and health into our hands. We take that responsibility seriously, and I assure you that you've made a very wise decision. I've dedicated my life to helping others look and feel their best. That's where I created this short video because I want to ensure you're maximizing your results while using this excellent supplement.

What is Resveratrol?

Resveratrol is a potent antioxidant found in red wine, dark chocolate, and certain fruits. It's a phytoalexin — a plant-based chemical produced in response to infection or stress. Phytoalexins protect the plant from invaders, such as bacteria or viruses. 

You may have heard of Resveratrol for its positive effects on blood sugar and insulin sensitivity, but it may have even more benefits. Resveratrol has been shown to fight inflammation and may have anti-aging properties.

The Do's and Don't of Taking Resveratrol

We also want to share the potential benefits of Resveratrol in helping you achieve your health goals. What makes our resveratrol supplements so unique? And what are the common mistakes to avoid when taking this supplement?

Be Consistent when taking Resveratrol.

Number one, don't be inconsistent. We've found from speaking to hundreds of thousands of customers that consistency is key. So please make sure to set yourself a reminder on your phone or get a simple pill box to organize your Purity Lab supplements.


This is the one I use, and I'll help you stay organized and on track. Of course, you will see short-term results, but your health is a lifelong commitment. Taking your supplements daily will provide the best results.

Take Resveratrol with food.

Number two, try and avoid taking Resveratrol on an empty stomach. Most supplements are proven to absorb better and be more bioavailable when taken with food. We suggest taking your supplements either in the morning with breakfast or in the evening around dinner time with a full meal; this will also help you avoid any discomfort or stomach aches you may experience from an empty stomach.

Take the full dose of Resveratrol for best results.

Number three, do not take half doses. You're probably trying to stretch the supplement out even longer, but from time to time, we do hear from our customers that the product doesn't work. When we dig a little deeper, we discover that they only take half of the recommended dosage.


We've developed our products to be industry-leading, so we recommend you take them as suggested.

Store your Resveratrol in the proper place

Number four, make sure they're stored in the right place to ensure your supplements are fresh. Again, it's key to keep them in a cool, dry place. Don't let them sit outside or unsealed or in any extreme heat or cold.

Stay hydrated when taking Resveratrol.

Number five, this one's obvious, but I'm going to say it anyway. Please drink lots of water. Water is critical to your health, as we already know, but when taking supplements, water provides the hydration your body needs to regenerate cells and keep your organs healthy. It also aids in absorbing the nutrients contained inside the supplements.

If you can avoid these common pitfalls, you'll be well on your way to maximizing your results with Purity Labs, products, and living your best life possible.

Is red wine good for my health?

Have you ever heard that drinking red wine is beneficial to your health? Well, the reason for that claim is primarily due to Resveratrol. Resveratrol is a funny word, but it's a plant-based compound found mainly in the skin of red grapes and berries.

How does Resveratrol work?

This compound works as an antioxidant that protects the body from oxidative damage, which is one of the leading causes of age-related disease. In addition, it has been shown to offset the damage caused by fighting free radicals. As a result, this may help you slow down the effects of aging in the skin, the brain, and the body in general; what you might not know, however, is that red wine only contains 12.5 milligrams of Resveratrol per liter.

To get a minimum benefit, a serving of 40 milligrams of Resveratrol, you need to consume at least three liters of wine a day. To get 500 milligrams of Resveratrol, you must drink almost 40 liters of wine daily!

You don't need to drink wine to get the health benefits of Resveratrol.

Oh, that's a lot of wine, calories, and alcohol. That is why Purity Labs has made it easier for you to experience the full benefits of Resveratrol by developing the trans-resveratrol supplement.

Why is Purity Labs Resveratrol so special?

First and foremost, unlike other brands in the market, Purity Labs was the first and only company to develop an organic formulation. Our formula contains a potent concentration of organic trans-resveratrol and levels high enough for the body to experience beneficial effects.

Plus, we've introduced it in trans resveratrol form, so it can be better absorbed by the body, whereas most brands sell regular Resveratrol.

How much Resveratrol should I take?

Every serving contains 500 milligrams of organic trans-resveratrol, combined with vitamin C and other organic superfoods to give you a highly absorbable and concentrated resveratrol supplement. It also includes a proprietary formulation with organic black pepper, pomegranate grape seed extract and green tea studies have shown benefits may include improved immune system support of brain function, improve heart health and circulation and promote a healthy overall metabolism.

High quality resveratrol is non-GMO

All of our products have the promise of no unnecessary fillers, no trans fats, no preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors, and no wheat or gluten. All of our products are manufactured in regulated FDA facilities and are non-GMO. For best results, take two capsules of trans-resveratrol once a day with a large glass of water. Make sure you get all your supplements from Purity Labs! We are family owned and operated, and we appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.

Resveratrol FAQ / Q&A

What is Resveratrol good for?

Resveratrol has been shown to help fight against aging, improve heart health, reduce stress, decrease blood pressure, prevent certain cancers, and protect against neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. It has also been shown to be helpful in weight loss and blood sugar control, improve bone health, and reduce the risk of certain inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, and allergies.

Resveratrol is a natural compound found in grapes, raspberries, and other fruits. Studies show its possible health benefits, such as lowering blood sugar in people with diabetes, and may help in reducing the risk of heart disease. Unfortunately, it is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a drug to treat any disease. However, it may have benefits for some people, and it has few risks when taken as recommended.

What are the dangers of Resveratrol if any?

While a large amount of evidence shows that Resveratrol has many health benefits, it is always best to consult a doctor before taking any supplement. In addition, some side effects may occur when taking Resveratrol, mainly due to the fact that it is a potent chemical and can act as a hormone-mimicking agent. 

This means that it can impact hormones and, in some cases, lead to an increase in certain hormones, such as estrogen. For this reason, it is not advised to take Resveratrol if you are pregnant or planning on getting pregnant, as it may cause congenital disabilities. In addition, if you have any hormone-sensitive cancers, such as prostate or breast cancer, you are recommended not to take Resveratrol.

Does Resveratrol have side effects?

Resveratrol's most common side effects include nausea, heartburn, and gas. Some people may be more sensitive to these side effects than others, but they are common enough that they cannot be ignored. Another serious concern regarding Resveratrol is that some manufacturers are cutting corners by adding artificial ingredients to their supplements to bulk them up. While these ingredients may not be dangerous, they certainly do not have the same benefits as real Resveratrol. Make sure you get your supplements from a high-quality source like Purity Labs.

What are the health benefits of Resveratrol?

Resveratrol is a natural compound found in red wine, grape skins, raspberries, and other foods. It's also produced in smaller quantities by certain cells in the body.

Resveratrol is a potent antioxidant, and laboratory and animal studies show that it has anti-aging, blood sugar lowering, cardioprotective, inflammation-reducing, and estrogenic properties.

The health benefits of Resveratrol are likely mediated through its potent antioxidant activity, especially on blood sugar levels. In addition, studies in mice indicate that Resveratrol may also enhance athletic performance, decrease body fat, and reduce cardiovascular risk.

Resveratrol may be one of the most potent natural blood sugar lowering agents. Find out below how this compound can improve your health and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.