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The Ultimate Guide to Zinc - How to Get the Most Out Of Your Zinc Supplement

The Ultimate Guide to Zinc - How to Get the Most Out Of Your Zinc Supplement

You may know zinc only as a number on the periodic table of elements. However, zinc can be super beneficial for your health! Here are all the fantastic benefits of zinc and how to best use zinc supplements for optimal health!

The Facts And Benefits of Zinc

At the basic level, zinc is a trace mineral. Being a trace mineral means a small amount can hugely benefit your body. Babies require at least two milligrams of zinc from as young as six months. This number is 8 milligrams for adult women, and for men, it is 11 milligrams. 

However, pregnant or nursing mothers will need 11 - 12 milligrams of zinc to get the most benefits. 

Zinc is very safe in general, and a person can consume up to 40 milligrams of zinc before noticing any ill effects. This is excellent news because zinc can benefit the entire body’s growth and development, which is especially important for growing young people. (1)

What Benefits Does Zinc Have For The Body?

While the amount of zinc you need to reap the benefits may seem small, it does quite a lot. With just these 8 - 12 milligrams, 100 enzymes in your body create vital chemical reactions. Zinc benefits you by helping to develop DNA, growing cells, supporting your immune system’s defenses, healing tissues, and building proteins. (1)

Zinc And Its Immune System Benefits

Because zinc benefits cell growth, it is important in bolstering the immune system. According to Harvard’s T. H. Chan School of Public Medicine, “even a mild or moderate deficiency can slow down the activity of lymphocytes, neutrophils, and macrophages that protect the body from viruses and bacteria.” Even with a minor deficiency, your risk of pneumonia, malaria, or skin ulcers drastically increases. (1)

Zinc Has Benefits For Growing Children

For children, a zinc deficiency may stunt their growth. The National Institute of Health also says that “acute diarrhea is associated with high rates of mortality among children in developing countries.” On the other hand, zinc has been shown to have benefits in combating diarrhea-causing infections, and keeping children safe.

It’s not just children from developing countries who can benefit. Malnourished children – often a result of poverty, no matter the country – are more likely to suffer from dangerous bouts of diarrhea. The United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) and the World Health Organization (WHO) recommend a course of zinc supplements to treat diarrhea in children. Children under six months are to take a dose of 10 milligrams per day of zinc, and older children should take 20 milligrams. This treatment should continue for 10 - 14 days. (1, 2)

The Benefits of Zinc in Healing Wounds

For healing wounds, zinc serves two different functions. First, zinc produces collagen, which greatly benefits repairing damaged cells. Second, the way zinc bolsters the immune system means it has excellent anti-inflammatory benefits. Generally, the best results for healing wounds with zinc come from people already deficient in zinc. However, in those with low zinc levels, zinc can have benefits for even very severe injuries, such as extensive skin burns. (2)

Who Is Low In Zinc? Can They Benefit From Zinc Supplements?

Because you need just trace amounts of zinc to get the best benefits, you may think a supplement is unnecessary. However, many people are deficient in zinc – and you might be one of them.

People With Bowel Diseases And Digestive Disorders

Zinc supplements are a great option for those who have digestion issues. Because of these digestive issues, people who suffer from diseases or disorders of this nature may have great difficulty absorbing the minerals from the food they eat – minerals like zinc. These people will find a lot of benefits from regularly taking zinc supplements. (1)

Older Infants Who Breastfeed

Between zero and six months, the amount of zinc found in a mother’s breast milk (if she has adequate levels – see below) will be enough to pass the many benefits of zinc down to the child. However, after seven months, the amount of zinc from breast milk alone will not be sufficient to provide zinc benefits. (2)

Pregnant and Lactating Women

As mentioned, babies require a lot of zinc, including before birth. For that reason, pregnant and lactating women will benefit from taking zinc supplements, as they are taking them for two. (2)

Vegetarians and Vegans

When it comes to getting the benefits of zinc, a vegetarian diet may put you at a disadvantage. While zinc is readily found in meats, the primary source of zinc for vegetarians and vegans is grains and legumes.

Additionally, these food sources tend to have something called phytates. Phytates bind to zinc, limiting its absorption and dulling any benefits. For this reason, professionals often recommend getting the full range of benefits from zinc in the diet; vegetarians should consume up to 50% more zinc. (2)


Between 30 - 50% of people with alcoholism suffer from zinc deficiency. The ethanol in alcohol prevents the body from absorbing the zinc and reaping the benefits. Furthermore, the increased urination of those who drink a lot leads to a lot of zinc being expelled in the urine. (2)

What Are The Signs of Zinc Deficiency?

There are many signs you are not getting all of the benefits you should expect from zinc. Below is a list of some of the most common.

  • Loss of smell
  • Loss of vision
  • Depression
  • Low appetite
  • Hair loss

(1, 2)

How To Get The Full Benefits of Zinc

Now that you know how important it is to receive adequate zinc intake in your diet, you may want to ensure you are getting enough to garner these great benefits. Perhaps you have even noticed yourself falling into one of the categories of zinc-deficient people or displaying warning signs of low zinc levels. What can you do?

The best benefits come from digesting enough zinc – so ignore topical creams and look to supplements. Purity Labs’ Zinc Complete, pure zinc gluconate supplements, provide an excellent source of additional zinc to the diet. Even better, they are vegan-friendly, which means skipping meat doesn’t mean skipping its zinc benefits! You can pick up 120 tablets of zinc easily and quickly from Pure Labs right here and enjoy all the great benefits of becoming a Purity Labs customer today!