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The Health Benefits of Elderberry: 5 Ways to Improve Your Health

The Health Benefits of Elderberry: 5 Ways to Improve Your Health

Preserving and improving our health is a big priority for most of us. However, sometimes it can be hard to know exactly what to do or take to give yourself the best benefits. One of the best ways to know is to look back. Although not every natural remedy has had a history of popularity, you will find that many stand the test of time.

Elderberry is one such remedy. The indigenous peoples of North America have consistently used Elderberry to treat ailments. Nomtipom and Tunai Wintu ethnobotanist and medical herbalist Sage LaPena spoke about the benefits of Elderberry among Indigenous people.

"Elderberry is one of our most important traditional medicines," says LaPena. "And we've never stopped using it." Even Hippocrates, considered the founder of modern medicine, referred to Elderberry as his "medicine chest" back in 400 BCE. (1)

What is Elderberry and What Are The Benefits?

Elderberries are small, round, dark purple fruits that come from the Sambucus elder tree. These are often used to make delicacies such as elderberry pie or elderberry wine.

But the Elderberry is not just tasty. Traditionally, indigenous peoples have used elderberries for fever, inflammation and to induce sweating. Today, Elderberry is given credit for helping with everything from HIV/AIDS to gum disease. So Elderberry is a great all-around health staple.

A cup of elderberries has only 100 calories, making it a great snack. It also has a gram of protein – not bad for a berry – 10 grams of fiber and 52 grams of vitamin C. Additionally, elderberries are chock full of antioxidants.

If you're looking for a great source of Elderberry, try Organic Elderberry tablets with vitamin C and zinc from your friends at Purity Labs. With over 500,000 happy customers, we feel confident enough in our product to offer a 365-day satisfaction guarantee or your money back! (1, 2)

#1 Elderberry Benefits The Fight Against The Flu

The flu is no fun. Unfortunately, not only can it hit you quite severely, but it can also last for a seemingly endless amount of time. However, two separate studies published by the U.S National Library of Medicine show that Elderberry has a tangible and positive impact on dealing with the flu.

One study showed that people with the flu who took elderberry supplements recovered four days earlier than those who did not. Another study looked at 312 plane passengers to see what benefits Elderberry might have. They found that taking elderberry supplements not only made the passengers feel better faster but also lessened the severity of their symptoms when they did have them. (2)

#2 Elderberry Could Have Benefits For Your Heart

As our hearts are at the center of our health, we must take good care of them. Luckily, Elderberry can help you do just that. Studies have linked naturally occurring compounds, known as flavanols, to a decrease in the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

The nutrition-rich Elderberry has three kinds of flavanols, making it extra beneficial for your heart. Furthermore, studies have also linked Elderberry to different heart benefits, such as "reduce[d] fat levels in the blood, lower cholesterol, and improve[d] blood sugar levels." (2)

#3 Elderberry Can Have Exercise Benefits

A 2019 study for the journal Nutrients looked at the potential of Elderberry to have benefits on exercise.

While exercise-based research is always difficult to conduct – there are various factors that cannot be controlled – the team found consistently positive benefits in subjects who took Elderberry before short but intensive exercise.

It appears Elderberry can "support metabolism and cause a decrease in intramuscular oxygen partial pressure and acidic conditions, both of which are apparent during high-intensity exercise." (3)

#4 Elderberry Can Offer Benefits to The Immune System

In 2001, A study in the journal European Cytokine Network examined the anti-inflammatory benefits of several different substances. One of these tested substances was an elderberry extract.

The elderberry extract had very high results compared to known anti-inflammatory agents. Not only did the study find that individuals who were already healthy would benefit from Elderberry, but they also found Elderberry to help bolster the immune system of patients with various diseases.

Furthermore, the study found that even for highly severe diseases, Elderberry had a variety of immune system benefits. Elderberry "could also have an immunoprotective or immunostimulatory effect when administered to cancer or AIDS patients," according to the article. (4)

#5 Elderberry Has Benefits For Degenerative Diseases

Unfortunately, there are a whole host of degenerative diseases in the world. One of these, Huntington's disease, has no cure.

However, a study done on rats confirmed that rats who received elderberry supplements experienced "significantly recovered motor failure and muscle incoordination . . .The treatment also improved striatal antioxidative capacity . . .which might be correlated with motor recovery in the tests."

The study suggests that perhaps Elderberry could be used as a way to battle Huntington's and other degenerative diseases and give benefits to muscle control. (5)

How To Get The Benefits Of Elderberry

While Elderberry has many wonderful benefits, there's some important information you need to know before taking it. If you eat Elderberry raw or follow a poorly-prepared recipe, you risk ingesting toxins.

Some of the proteins in these unsafe concoctions have the potential to produce cyanide. This does NOT mean Elderberry is hazardous! All it means is that when looking to capitalize on Elderberry's benefits, you need to go to a source you can trust to properly prepare your elderberry supplement. (2)

The Best Elderberry Supplements For The Most Health Benefits

Knowing the importance of good elderberry supplements, Purity Labs has developed Organic Elderberry tablets with vitamin C and zinc. Taking just two daily tablets will give you 2,000 MG of organic Elderberry! With 120 vegan-friendly tablets per bottle, Purity Lab's Organic Elderberry tablets are the best and safest way to get the benefits of Elderberry right at your fingertips!